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Thirty years old, with bleached hair that gives her the air of an alternative cyborg, Dorothée Smith rolls up the sleeve of her sweatshirt to discover a small scar on her arm: this is where a friend implanted the microchip that served for her exhibition "Cellular", and which still contains, as she says, "the last ghost to have visited me".

It was in 2011, a small room in the dark, with one-way mirrors, behind which was a Kinect camera - the one on the Xbox game console - to identify the person entering the room.thermal then took its heat imprint and sent it to the RFID chip (programmed to receive real-time data via radio waves), radiating the calorific suit, the “warmth garment” that Dorothée Smith had put on to become the host voluntary of his ghosts.

"When someone disappears, what is first missing is their warmth, it's physical contact, and there I could feel a kind of embrace", explains the young French artist, who studied philosophy in Paris, photography in Arles and video experiments at Le Fresnoy.Three thousand ghosts visited it at the time.At one point, the clothing caught fire."There are still little things to improve", smiles- her.The chip is still in her arm.

Improve humans.Leaving the field open to technology, robotics, biology, to make these fragile little things that we are more resistant, smarter, more efficient, such is the subject of "augmented reality".In small steps, engineers push back the limits of aging and procreation, they replace our handicaps with sophisticated, robotic machines, our deficiencies with software, our too narrow vision with “apps” - applications that can be downloaded on smartphones that are to the 21st century what the potato was to Parmentier.The hero of this new era - the last showcase of the new Musée de l'Homme at Trocadéro - is called “augmented man”.

Posted Date: 2020-08-30

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